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We have a wide range of systems that can help in preventing the counterfeiting and alteration of value documents. Focusing on the security market allows us to maintain a constant watch on the latest fraud and anti-fraud techniques being employed around the world and to respond quickly to new developments.

Foremost is recognized internationally as a cheque printer. We supply cheques into New Zealand, Canada, The United States, Fiji, Ireland as well as Australia. All cheque encoding is done on site with our own high speed M.I.C.R. encoding machine. We can supply state of the art security features to combat colour photocopiers and even computer scanning. Foremost Print Solutions is currently supplying cheques that surpass APCA series 11.5.2 security requirements.

Protect-a-Cheque ®


Foremost has developed Protect-a-Cheque, a cost effective, high security cheque stock that won't break the bank. Protect-a-Cheque is in our opinion the most secure non-machine readable cheque available on the market. Protect-a-Cheque has a proven track record in combating and identifying counterfeit and fraudulently altered documents. (A machine-readable version is available.)

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